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"A brand inspired by greater faith, for maintaining a positive scope on life." - Ty Brown Jr, Founder/CEO

BreezinBreezout is an apparel line dedicated to the individual that seeks to uplift self, with the goal of lifting others also. The name functions as a pun to, “breathe in, breathe out”, as it denotes control over ones energy through breathing - reaffirmed through a higher faith. This control will be recognized socially, as the vibes resonated create the sensation of a comforting breeze on a balmy summer day. A breeze strong enough to fly a kite. This calming presence should be felt upon the wearers entrance and exit, as if to breeze in and breeze out.

Ode to the kite

While wearing BreezinBreezout, one's effort should be placed purely on breathing into the sail of life's symbolic kite to remain uplifted. As each of us look to breathe into our own aspirations, may we seek to breathe into the aspirations of others also.