Spoken Words - Outta Control

Spoken Words - Outta Control

To continue creatively putting the truth of what matters in the air, we are now Breezinout Spoken Words. This initial piece of the series is called “Outta control” as it represents what the world has been feeling like given all the hate being used to hold select communities down. From slavery to genocide, angst has pressurized and created a resilient group of people meant to inherit peace. However, higher worldly powers that be seek to take their own piece without cease. A few takeaways from this initial spoken word are:

  • Recognize then exercise control in what betters life for self and others.
  • Don’t invest in entities that exploit or oppress.

Check out “Outta control” on our YouTube here, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wavxQJq-3mc.

The series will focus on similar themes and expand as it continues. Please let us know how it makes you feel by leaving your thoughts and comments below. Love the way you breathe on purpose.

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