Love The Way You Breathe On Purpose

Love The Way You Breathe On Purpose

We are super excited to have gained a chance to express what loving the way you breathe can look like on screen. Cree (IG: @recreeated) showed it off well in the upcoming New Era LTWYB vest (just say Lt-Why-Be). She and her daughter, Harmony, were special as they revealed how breathing into struggle for a higher purpose can look. The project could not have been done in such a genuine manner without our man Enoch (IG: @walkwithenoch) of B-Reel Entertainment (@thebeway_) setting the tone on the lens. 

The presentation was so cold, we had to put it on TV. Thanks to Comcast Rise we have been able to share our message with all of Atlanta given the spots airing across BET, Cartoon Network, CNN, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV, TVONE, among others. Huge thanks to The Village ATL for putting the word in the air which moved us. Check out the commercial on Breezinout's Youtube channel at

The LTWYB vest release date is in April and news will be in the wind soon. Head to the home page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up on it.


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